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Joel Lamere + Cynthia Gunadi / GLD Architecture

Joel Lamere and Cynthia Gunadi are artists and architects whose work illuminates and responds to site specificities. Their projects aim to provide moments of interaction, strangeness, awareness, or delight. 

They founded the architectural practice Gunadi Lamere Design in 2010. As a team, they are preoccupied with architectural craft at all scales, from furniture design to urban strategy, with the conviction that highly crafted design, quality, and longevity are intricately linked. Their art installations have been exhibited in the Design Biennial Boston, MIT150 Festival of Arts, Science, and Technology, the Evergreen Museum in Baltimore, and elsewhere.

Find more about their work here.

Project Team

Joel Lamere, Cynthia Gunadi, Alexandre Beaudouin-Mackay, and Marisa Waddle. 

Additional, invaluable help from Rabeeya Arif, Chris Dewart, Jaya Eyzaguirre, Nare Filiposyan, Nico Guida, Trevor Hilker, Kristin Imre, Effie Jia, Alex Kobald, Melika Konjicanin, Ruoyu Lan, Thaddeus Lee, Katherine Paseman, David Register, Erin Register, John Skibo, Yutan Sun, Joseph Swerdlin, Evellyn Tan, and Matt Wagers.


This project was made possible only by the generous support of others. Many thanks to our project partners, including Four Corners Main Street, United Neighborhood Association, Greater Chamberlain Neighborhood Association, Pine Street Inn, the Boston Arts Commission, the Boston Department Neighborhood of Development, and Now+There.

This project is a Public Art Accelerator Project, funded by Now+There, a nonprofit dedicated to creating impactful public art projects in Greater Boston.